We don't like reading privacy polies written in legalese. That's why we've distilled our policy in a couple of understandable questions. (A full formal privacy policy is still tbd)

Do you need the username and password of my bank account?

No, we will never ask you for the username and password of your bank account.

Connections to your bank use a system called OAuth. This is an industry standard that ensures that you never have to give us your login details. You log in to the website of your bank, and your bank gives us a unique code that we use to connect your phone to your bank. This means we never need to know your login details.

Can you initiate payments or make changes to my account?

No, we use a read-only connection to your bank. This means we can never initiate payments or manipulate your account in any other way.

Do you collect data about the usage of the app?

Yes, the beta version of Eypo collects anonymous usage data. We only use this to see how the app is used and how we can improve it. This data is anonymous and only contains information about general app usage.